The Value of Adding a Bar to Your Restaurant

You might have noticed that your restaurant furniture supplier also provides barstools. This is no coincidence; whether you’re interested in increasing your profit margins or you’d like to attract more customers, there are many reasons to have a bar in your restaurant.

Keep customers happy

The lunch and dinner rush can happen to any restaurant. How many customers are being turned away by long wait times? Having a bar in the restaurant will increase the amount of time a customer is willing to wait before leaving for another option.

Attract new people

Your bar patrons might not necessarily be the same people who visit your restaurant, and vice versa. Having the two in the same space may encourage your customers to stay for dinner, or grab a drink afterward.

Added revenue

It’s no secret that a large number of restaurants widen their profit margins by offering alcoholic drinks. Whether you’re offering all the classics or you want to become known for your signature specialty drinks, a bar can be a great boost of revenue for your restaurant.

Double duty

For many restaurants, a bar can double as a waitstation for your staff, making it easier for them to serve your customers. Having a bar can decrease the amount of time it takes for waitstaff to respond to diners, and reduce congestion in the kitchen.

Ready to install a bar in your restaurant? Follow these tips:

  • Placement is important when it comes to adding a bar to your restaurant. A centrally-located bar will allow for easier access for your waitstaff, but placing the bar at the front of the restaurant can turn it into a great waiting area for guests during busy periods. Decide how you want your bar to function to determine the best placement within your restaurant layout.
  • Keep a consistent design when planning your bar and restaurant. This will create a stronger brand identity. Consider purchasing your seating and other furniture from the same supplier to ensure the same quality and style throughout. You’ll be able to find matching designs in both chairs and barstools.

For bar and restaurant seating, find a quality furniture importer you can trust.

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