You pride yourself on the delectable food your kitchen serves fresh every day, but you know running a successful restaurant takes more than just delicious food. Atmosphere can determine the difference between a forgettable restaurant and a five-star dining experience.

Don’t forget about the details. Nobody likes a wobbly dining chair or a table that tilts every time their fork touches their plate. The quality of your furniture reflects on the quality of your restaurant.

From the initial design to the finished product, you can trust us to create high quality furniture for your restaurant.

We can take your creative ideas and craft them into customized furniture just for your restaurant.

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Stools
  • Banquettes
  • Serving Stands / Consoles
  • Hostess Stands

Bring us a photo, sketch, or concept and we’ll manage every other aspect of your project. You can send your own fabric or leather right to our North Carolina headquarters and we’ll make sure your furniture turns out exactly as you envision.

Instead of creating everything at the same factory, we truly pay attention to what is best for your specific restaurant furniture.

When your order calls for pieces made from different materials, we want to ensure they’re manufactured by craftsmen with the expertise to get the job done right.

We have developed global partnerships so we can send your design to a factory with the right experts. We’ve been working with the same factories for 23 years, and we have built a level of trust and respect rare in the commercial furniture industry.

The banquette for your lobby seating area might be carved and upholstered in Indonesia, your metal dining chairs fabricated and upholstered in North Carolina, and your indoor chairs crafted in Italy.

We don’t have one factory where machines mass produce our products, instead, we source the best manufacturers in the industry and work with them to provide custom, high quality furniture pieces.

If you partner with us you will get your furniture at a manufacturer’s price, rather than the marked up retail price. Work directly with us and your budget will thank you!

The Process of working with us

The process begins when you provide a photo or sketch of the pieces you need. We will then use our technology to create a realistic rendering for you to review. Sometimes entire prototypes are necessary before we begin manufacturing. In those cases, we will create them before we proceed. Once we receive the control samples for the finishes, we send our samples for your approval as well.

After the designs are approved or adjusted and we’re determining the proper finish, your products will begin moving through the production process so we don’t waste any time. When the products are complete, we follow up with photos so you can approve the design and finish before we ship. Throughout the production and delivery process, we maintain contact with you to ensure all steps of our process are on track.

+Our 1 Year Warranty
From the time your pieces are delivered, we offer a one year warranty to protect against the risk of accidental manufacturing defects. Past the one year mark, we are always willing to help with any issues you run into however we can. Never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns you have about your furniture.

Contact us today and find out how we can enhance your restaurant’s atmosphere with high quality, custom furniture.