When to Update Outdoor Furniture for Your Business

It’s no surprise that outdoor furniture needs to be replaced regularly, depending on its use and environment. And when you do replace it, there are important factors to consider, especially when it comes to finding high quality commercial outdoor furniture for your business. Whether you’re looking for outdoor wicker, chaise lounges, or the right dining sets to complement a fire pit, here are the tell-tale signs it may be time to update your furniture.

How Long Does Outdoor Furniture Last?

Your furniture is the face of your business, and you want to maintain a consistent image. You also want your patrons to be comfortable. At the same time, quality furniture is an investment, and you want to make sure you’re considering comfort and style along with durability.

Before you start shopping around, consider the space you’re furnishing:

  • Is your outdoor patio covered?
  • Do you store your outdoor patio furniture in inclement weather?
  • How much traffic does your outdoor space typically see?
  • Is your outdoor furniture seasonal or year-round?

In certain conditions, you’ll want to replace your outdoor furniture more frequently. However, sometimes finding the right material makes all the difference.

Wood Furniture

While wood offers a classic, durable style and versatility for outdoor furnishings, it can be expensive and require regular treatments to ensure it will last a long time.

Which wood is best? Look for trees that grow in tropical areas or rainforests, such as teak and eucalyptus, which can last up to 100 years when properly treated. Cedar is often a more affordable choice that can last up to 20 years when treated annually.

If you haven’t been treating your furniture regularly, it may be time to replace it. Watch out for warping, and for soft, dark wood, which can indicate rot.


With the right furniture, wicker can be comfortable and stylish. Unfortunately, cheap wicker can also show its wear and tear more easily. Watch out for:

  • Creaking
  • Cracking
  • Stiff/brittle
  • Uncomfortable

If any of these describes your furniture, it’s time to upgrade. But you don’t have to swear off wicker altogether. Synthetic wicker is often more durable, preventing many of these issues and lasting for decades. Of course, wicker is only part of the equation—you need the right cushions to go with it.

How Often Should You Replace Cushions on Your Outdoor Furniture?

Much like wicker, cushions will let you know when it’s time to replace them:

  • Faded colors
  • Black mildew
  • Musty smell
  • Stains
  • Holes

While some of these issues are easy to clean or mend if you catch them early enough, it may be easier to replace your cushions to maintain a consistent style and comfort level. Look for materials that will maintain their color in the sun and resist water retention, such as cushions filled with polyurethane foam.

Getting the Most Out of Metal Furniture

Commercial patio furniture is often made of metal for durability, but this material poses its own unique challenges.

While rust is the most obvious sign of wear and tear, look for other clues, such as wobbly bar stools, uneven table legs or unstable dining chairs. Determine what you can fix easily and what you should replace.

Consider upgrading to aluminum furniture for increased durability. Resistant to rust, aluminum frames are often a better choice than even powder coated steel.

Ready to upgrade to quality commercial outdoor furniture?

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