3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Hotel Lobby

Redesigning your hotel’s lobby is an exciting prospect that can pay off for you and your hotel guests, but updating your lobby space is quite the undertaking. So, how do you know when it’s the best time to update the design?

The lobby is showing its age.

Over the years, your lobby is bound to show some signs of age, particularly in high traffic areas like walkways and doorways. Take a look around and check for:

  • A design that is outdated, especially in comparison to other features of your hotel
  • Broken or worn out furniture
  • Walls, floors, and structural components that show signs of wear and tear

Your current design doesn’t align with your branding.

Is your hotel chic and modern or quaint and traditional? Is it new construction or a historical building? Are you trying to appeal to tourists looking for old-world charm or business travelers looking for comfort and efficiency? A traditional lobby will look outdated and out of place if the rest of the hotel more modern.

If your current design doesn’t highlight your historical building’s architecture or play off of the sleek, contemporary exterior of your hotel, it’s time to update the design to match the guest experience your brand is trying to create.

The current design isn’t functional.

If your guests have to crowd around the front desk while waiting for assistance or constantly move out of the way of baggage trolleys and other guests trying to move through the lobby, it’s time to rethink your design. Make sure each area of your lobby is designed intentionally for a specific purpose by:

  • Opting for furniture that doesn’t obstruct the movement and flow of foot traffic throughout the lobby.
  • Creating designated seating areas where guests can wait for reception or transportation.
  • Strategically placing informational materials and refreshments where they won’t interfere with front desk operations.

Doing so will ensure that guests can access transportation information and brochures without blocking guests who are trying to get coffee, and that no one feels crowded or in the way of other guests while waiting to check-in at the front desk.

Affiliated Importers can connect you with the best furniture for your space whether you’re honoring the history and character of an older building with more traditional elements and old-world charm or creating a futurist, minimalist space in a contemporary building. Whatever your style, create it with Affiliated Importers for sophisticated design and lasting quality for the long run.

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