Outdoor Furniture

Manufacturing outdoor furniture demands a different set of skills than any other type of furniture. It has to be built to withstand the elements. If it’s not made and finished properly harsh sunlight can cause outdoor furniture to fade, and wet weather, like rain and snow, can decay it prematurely. In addition to durable, your outdoor furniture should be comfortable, stylish, and high quality.

We can craft outdoor furniture for a variety of spaces.

Whether you need outdoor patio furniture for your hotels, country club, or other hospitality spaces, we can take care of all your outdoor furniture needs. Already working with us on an interior furniture collection? We can branch outside too!

Our outdoor furniture is made from a variety of materials, including high-grade teak wood, synthetic weavings, and metals.

Our plantation-harvested teak wood products are Grade A, cut from mature trees infused with natural oils that provide protection from water and sunlight. Your furniture will be carved at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Indonesia, where they undergo multiple quality control checks to make sure you’re getting the best possible pieces.

Your metal outdoor furniture will be crafted in our trusted factories in the US, China, or Indonesia. We have built a 23 year relationship with these skilled manufacturers to ensure you get the best quality outdoor furniture. All of our metals are powder coated to ensure they withstand the elements without rusting, discoloring, or weakening.

Let your imagination run free, there’s no limit to what we can create for your outdoor space.

Simply bring us a sketch or photo of your patio or pool deck. From there we work with the space to design features that align with your branding and fit your atmosphere.

The Process of working with us

The process begins when you provide a photo or sketch of the pieces you need. We will then use our technology to create a realistic rendering for you to review. Sometimes entire prototypes are necessary before we begin manufacturing. In those cases, we will create them before we proceed. Once we receive the control samples for the finishes, we send our samples for your approval as well.

After the designs are approved or adjusted and we’re determining the proper finish, your products will begin moving through the production process so we don’t waste any time. When the products are complete, we follow up with photos so you can approve the design and finish before we ship. Throughout the production and delivery process, we maintain contact with you to ensure all steps of our process are on track.

+Our 1 Year Warranty
From the time your pieces are delivered, we offer a one year warranty to protect against the risk of accidental manufacturing defects. Past the one year mark, we are always willing to help with any issues you run into however we can. Never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns you have about your furniture.

See what we can do to enhance your country club with the finest custom furniture. Contact Affiliated Importers today.