How to Care for Your Outdoor Furniture in the Summer

Be it by a hotel cabana, a country club pool, a restaurant’s outdoor dining area, or a residential outdoor living space, keeping outdoor furniture clean and well preserved is no small chore. With harsh sunlight, humidity, and plenty of rain showers, summer brings its own set of challenges for protecting your outdoor furniture. Keep all of your patio furnishings beautiful and functional all summer with these outdoor furniture care tips.


Wicker and wooden furniture will require more maintenance than other furnishings, but the natural finishes and sturdy construction of wood furniture makes the labor well worth the addition of wooden patio furniture to your outdoor living area. To protect wooden outdoor furniture in during the summer:

  • Clean any debris and dirt off of the furniture and dry off the surface.
  • Add a fresh coat of stain to help preserve the wood’s natural appearance.
  • Apply wood preserver every few years to seal out moisture and protect the surface from UV rays.
  • If possible, store furniture safely out of the elements or use waterproof furniture covers to keep wooden fixtures dry when they aren’t in use.


Metal furniture’s biggest pitfall is its tendency to rust, but with the right TLC and a little paste wax, you can keep your iron or aluminum patio furniture in shipshape even in hot, humid summer weather. Here’s how:

  • Keep metal patio furniture clean with mild soaps to remove grime without scratching metal surfaces. Keeping metal furniture clean makes it harder for things like plant growth or debris build up and trap moisture on the surface, which quickly causes metal to rust.
  • Use furniture covers like tarps or other water-repellant options to keep your metal furniture sheltered from summer storms.
  • Inspect metal furnishings for rust regularly. Use a wire brush to scrub rust away as it develops to keep it from getting out of hand!
  • Prevent rust from occurring to begin with by using paste wax to inhibit the corrosion of metal surfaces and seal out moisture.


Even if your wood or metal outdoor furniture is in pristine condition, worn out fabrics can ruin the overall look of your outdoor spaces.

Search for materials like cotton and acrylic as they tend to be more resistant to UV damage and mold growth, but even they aren’t immune to the wear and tear that outdoor furniture endures. Wash outdoor cushions frequently throughout the summer in hot water to keep dirt from settling into the fabric and prevent bacteria growth in damp weather.

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