Looking Back: Commercial Interior Design Trends We Loved in 2017

Designing your commercial space can be a challenge. You want a design that your customers or clientele can relate to, and one that’s comfortable and inviting. At the same time, a design needs to be functional, current, and cost-effective. These commercial interior design trends from 2017 have been spotted everywhere from hotels and casinos to restaurants, bars, and country clubs.

Geometric Patterns

Large-scale geometric designs have been used just about anywhere in commercial interior design this year, from drapes to upholstery and everything in between. Geometric shapes are great for their simple, clean look.

Hotel Furniture Guest Room and Bathroom Example

Bolder Colors

Every year has interior designers wondering: what’s going to be the next “new neutral”? For 2017 we took a step away from beige and moved into deep, muted tones of blue, green, gray, and even red. These understated hues serve as the perfect backdrop for almost any setting, and can be accented with earth tones or pops of bright, vibrant color.

Communal Areas

Whether it’s for an office, a country club, hotel, or bar…commercial businesses of all types are recognizing that it’s important to provide a sense of community and connection to patrons and employees. Communal spaces that include larger tables, couches, and lounging areas have been a big commercial interior design trend in 2017, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Mid-Century Modern is Back!

Clean lines, open spaces, and a minimalist style are all big appeals for the mid-century trend. Commercial interior design is embracing these features and breaking away from clunky, oversized furniture.

Going All-Natural

Commercial designers everywhere are fusing nature into their designs to create a calming, down-to-earth feel. Natural wood textures, indoor plants, and even raw metals all add to a room’s “natural” vibe.

Hotel Furniture Bathroom

Environmental Impact

Green building is nothing new, but hospitality owners have been taking the eco-friendly trend one step further. From design and materials to delivery and disposal, more and more business owners are paying closer attention to the environmental impact of their furniture, artwork, and other interior design elements. Recycled furniture and other eco-friendly business practices are all trends that are here to stay.

What commercial interior design trends will your hospitality business set in 2018? Contact Affiliated Importers today for all your commercial furniture needs! 

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