4 Things to Consider when Buying Restaurant Furniture

Your budget is a big factor when buying restaurant furniture, but here are other things to consider when making your decisions. Your furniture can affect the atmosphere of your restaurant and the comfort of your customers, and it’s important to choose pieces that are durable and easy to maintain. Before you start buying furniture for your restaurant or other hospitality business, consider the following:

The Size and Layout of Your Restaurant

Every restaurant, bar, or lounge owner wants to maximize the number of seats in a room in order to increase their revenue. Smaller spaces might do better with compact booths and small tables, while larger areas can accommodate tables which support a big group. Think about the layout of your restaurant and make sure you leave enough space for employees and guests to move around easily.

Setting the Atmosphere

Are you looking to set a relaxed, casual atmosphere that’s family friendly, or are you hoping for a classic, elegant feel for your restaurant? Think about the mood you hope to set in your restaurant and how your choice in furniture will support that idea.

Barstool Restaurant Custom Furniture Portfolio Example

Buying Commercial Grade

It’s tempting to buy cheap furniture from a residential catalog, but commercial grade restaurant seating and other furniture is really the better choice. Commercial restaurant furniture is designed and built to withstand the frequent day to day use. More durable materials and hardware are made to withstand the daily wear and tear which comes with running a restaurant, bar, or lounge, making commercial grade furniture a better investment.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses get plenty of use out of their furniture. It’s important to keep everything in top condition in order to keep your customers happy and comfortable. Look for furniture that’s easy to clean and maintain and that can be repaired easily if it becomes damaged. This will save you the cost of having to replace your restaurant furniture too quickly.

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