How Furniture Can Drive Revenue

Hospitality is an industry that can be hard to get right. Some companies use gimmicks or other attractions to drive revenue, but the novelty wears off quickly and many restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos struggle to stay open. The most successful hospitality-based businesses are able to utilize everything they can to drive revenue in this low-margin industry. This includes using interior design to build a profitable business by making the most of your space and carefully choosing your furniture and decor.

Make the Most of Your Space

Space is your most fundamental asset in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s enough beds in a hotel or enough seating at a bar or restaurant, your capacity for space can determine your potential revenue. That’s why commercial interior designers are constantly challenged to make the most out of the given space in every room.

So how can business owners in the hospitality industry maximize their use of indoor and outdoor space? Designers and consultants agree that your furnishings are a deciding factor.  

Choose Your Furnishings Carefully

Is your hotel or other hospitality business designed with “experience” in mind?

When selecting furniture for your space, think about how it will be used by your customers. Will they be lounging on sofas and chatting with friends, or sitting at the bar and buying drinks? Think about seating and layout in relation to the revenue-driving features of a space, such as a bar or entertainment room.

Barstool Restaurant Custom Furniture Portfolio Example

Your furniture can set your customers up to spend money by positioning them in these areas.


After layout, consider the decor and the overall “feel” of the room. What sort of mood are you hoping to set in your space? Decorations, wall art, and even paint color and materials all play a part in setting the tone of a room.

From design to delivery, Affiliated Importers offers a complete furniture purchasing experience for the residential and commercial markets. Contact us today to tell us about your furniture needs or browse our portfolio to see what great design can do for your business!

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