How to Use Furniture to Make the Most of a Small Space

Sometimes small spaces can’t be avoided. When it comes to interior design and small spaces, you want to make use of every inch without making it feel crowded or overwhelming. During the design process, pay attention to your choices in color, furniture style, and even layout. All of these can affect how a room “feels” to visitors. With these tips you’ll be able to design your small space in a way that feels open, inviting, and functional.

Is your style consistent?

Interior design for a business isn’t just about matching colors; having a consistent style that covers every aspect of your business is essential to building a brand. Everything from furniture, decor, and even employee uniforms should work together to create an experience for your customers. An inconsistent interior with mismatched furniture and clashing styles tells your customers, “I’m not sure who we are as a business.”


Selecting Furniture Styles

If you want to create the illusion of more space in a small room, look for contemporary furniture with clean lines and muted colors that won’t overwhelm a space. Mid-century modern furniture is a great style to choose due to the sleek, thinner designs that make a room feel open and inviting.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Dark and highly saturated colors can overwhelm smaller spaces. Open up a room with bright colors and neutral tones. Lighter colors will reflect more light, which can make a room seem more spacious than it actually is. Avoid textured paints. If you decide to use wallpaper, avoid busy prints and opt for vertical stripes. For an added pop of color, consider painting an accent wall with a slightly darker hue that matches or complements the color scheme of the room.

Pay Attention to Sight Lines

Bulky furniture and layouts that block your overall view of a room can make it feel cramped. When designing a room make sure there are clear paths to exits and seating. Try spending time in different parts of the room and note down what might be bogging down the design.

Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is great for small spaces and small budgets. Get the most out of your furniture investments by looking for pieces which offer more than one function, such as a dining table that expands or a coffee table also offering built-in storage.

The right piece of furniture can transform any room. If you’re looking for high-quality furniture for your indoor or outdoor space, contact Affiliated Importers today. 

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