The Problem with “Cheap” Furniture

We all know that dreaded feeling of encountering a price tag that’s out of our reach. Many people and businesses go for furniture that’s “cheap” over something that’s high-quality. These pieces often look very similar to the original but with an inexpensive price. Perfect, right? Well, not so fast. While it’s enticing to see that affordable price tag, there’s also a cost that you don’t see attached to it – and it’s not good. It’s important to make the investment that will save money in the long run, so let us help you keep things in perspective!

Respect those that made the furniture

We’ll start with this. Someone, somewhere, designed a piece of furniture out of their own sense of innovation and creativity. These replicated pieces are essentially “plagiarized” versions of someone else’s hard work. Since furniture is produced on such a mass scale, this thought may not occur to potential buyers who are looking for a steal, and we understand! However, the original designer should receive the credit; if they don’t, those lower quality replicas can easily tarnish the reputation of both the piece of furniture and its creator.

What’s the real difference?

There’s a reason why the original piece of furniture is more expensive, and the replica is cheaper–the original is authentic and built to last. It’s made from higher-grade materials to ensure that it remains sturdy and attractive for years to come. When you’re investing in furniture for your hotel, your restaurant, or anywhere else your furniture will see frequent use, durability is important.

“Cheap” furniture will waste your time and money

Obviously, there are reasons why people opt for cheaper furniture. Maybe they want it immediately, they can’t tell that it’s poor quality, or they’re on a limited budget. However,
this goes without saying: cheaper furniture is made with cheaper materials, and in addition to irritating setbacks (like a tilting dining table), there are no guarantees how long it will hold up.

The last thing you need is a chair buckling under someone’s weight and a startled, angry, or injured customer. You want everyone to be safe and comfortable at all times, and replacing furniture isn’t free. It’s going to cost you more money in the long run to keep replacing faulty products than it would for you to invest in well-made pieces of furniture to begin with.

If you keep these points in mind, you’re less likely to be swept away by misleading furniture prices that are too good to be true. Original, high-quality furniture is completely worth the extra upfront costs. Not only is it going to bring new life into a room, but it’s also way more likely to last for years longer than a knockoff. You won’t waste time worrying that someone might hurt themselves (or the furniture) just by using it one too many times. Think long term, and invest in authentic furniture!

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