6 Interior Design Elements to Consider for Your Hotel

The interior design of your hotel or other hospitality building is crucial to the comfort and happiness of your customers. The best hotels don’t just provide a bed for their patrons–they provide an unforgettable experience that will leave people wanting more. When planning your hotel’s interior design, pay attention to these six key elements, as each one can add to or detract from the mood or experience you want to invoke.


The lighting in a room can affect its occupants. Bright, harsh lighting can detract from the rest and relaxation most people are looking for when they visit a hotel. Choose soft, warm lighting when selecting fixtures, lampshades, and light bulbs.


The shapes and layout of furniture, wall art, and decorative items all play into the balance of a space. Rooms that feel too cluttered or out of balance can feel overwhelming to occupants, but a well-balanced interior design layout will add to the relaxation of your patrons.

hotel interior design

Furniture Size

The size of a room’s furniture should be relative to the size of the room in order to bring harmony to a space. Pay attention to the proportions between different pieces of furniture and decorative items.

Focal Point

Every space needs a focal point, whether it’s a key piece of furniture that defines the purpose of the room or an eye-catching piece of art that serves as a conversation starter. Start with the focal point and build around it.


Different colors can invoke different emotions and moods. What are the colors of your hotel’s walls and furniture saying to your guests? Think of the mood you want to set and plan accordingly. Soft pastels or rich jewel tones are both color hues that can be used to promote relaxation.

hotel interior design


The right detail in your hotel’s interior design can add that final touch that makes a room feel complete. Whether you’re going for a “home away from home” look or a design that feels elegant and refined, the right decorative pieces, colors, or even layout can be crucial to any design.

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